Happy Halloween from the Ong Library

Here are some of the students and faculty who stopped by the Ong Library to help us celebrate.  The Ong Library staff wishes you all a safe and fun Halloween!


Scary Stories at the Ong Library


Halloween is coming and that means all the frightening images and costumes are taking center stage.  Enjoying a scary book is another way to welcome Halloween.  We like being scared!   There’s a hormonal component when it comes to fear and enjoyment. The hormonal reaction we get when we are exposed to a threat or crisis can motivate this love of being scared. The moment we feel threatened, we feel increasingly strong and powerful physically, and more intuitive emotionally. This change to our physical and mental state is called an “adrenaline rush,” and as humans we are apparently hard-wired to be drawn to this type of feeling.  Try one of these titles from the John D. Ong Library!


Fall Leisure Reading

What are people at WRA reading?  Here are some recent recommendations from students, faculty and staff. Stop by the library and check them out!