Poem in your Pocket Day

This year Poem in Your Pocket Day
will be held on Thursday, April 30.

 Every April, on Poem in Your Pocket Day, people throughout the United States celebrate by selecting a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with others throughout the day as schools, bookstores, libraries, parks, workplaces, and other venues ring loud with open readings of poems from pockets. 

Stop by the Ong Library and
pick up a poem for YOUR pocket!

Mensa Puzzles Attract WRA Students

Several WRA Students are checking the Mensa Puzzle Calendar at the front desk.

There is fierce competition to be the first the find the answer.

Take a Mensa quiz from Mensa International. 
Follow this link:


National Poetry Month

PoetrySoup (link)
Poetry is Alive and Well!

The world's most comprehensive poetry website.  PoetrySoup™ is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, interactive, and fun international poetry community for all poets, and lovers of poetry.  Read, search, comment on, and share poetry.  Looking for poetry?  Browse our huge international database of poems to find poetry for any occasion.  Most of all, have fun and welcome to PoetrySoup.
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Testing & Education Reference Center

AP Tests Are Around the Corner!

The Ong Library subscribes to
The Testing and Educational Reference Center, affectionately known as TERC.

Go to 
     High School Tools to access 
          AP Exam Preparation

Go to 
     College Prep Tools to access 
          SAT and ACT Preparation


12 Greatest Novels of the 21st Century

The 21st Century’s 12 Greatest Novels

Check out the novels 
from the Ong Library

Click on the link to see 
the book critics’ selections:


Earth Day April 22nd

Wednesday, April 22nd
In celebration of Earth Day
borrow a BIKE from the library
and a book!


Gathering Seniors' Favorite Book Titles

Submit your favorite book
via the Google form
or on paper
at the front desk in the library
and receive a lollipop.
Already submitted your book? Thank you!
Stop by the front desk for your candy.


Spring Riding!

Thanks to Gracie Morgan and 
Mr. Peterson, the Bikes are Ready to be 
Checked Out for Spring Riding!
Remember to have a Cruising Collective Form signed by your parents.  Here's the link from the Parent Portal:

A Poem for Spring

Springtime Display on the 2nd floor of the John D. Ong Library


National Library Week Contest

Candy Guessing
at the Ong Library
In Celebration of
National Library Week!
Monday, April 13th through
Friday, April 17th

Candy jars will be at the front desk beginning Mon. at 9 am

Stop by 
and make your best guess!
Winners will be announced Friday evening!


WRA Readers Are Leaders

The John D. Ong Library would like to recognize
Lee Blankenship as our April Reader/Leader.

Lee Blankenship is an avid reader.  His reading choices span all genres: action, adventure, intrigue, and thrillers are just a few of his favorites.  Recent authors he has read are Stuart Woods and Jonathan Kellerman.  He stops by often to recommend titles and talk about books.

Congratulations Lee!


Celebrating Poetry Readings

Watch Erik '17 as he reads 
The Charge of the Light Brigade!

Gathering Seniors' Favorite Books

The Ong Library will feature Seniors' Favorite Books 
in the main display case during the month of May. 
Please share one (or more!) of your favorite books with us. 
Your selection can be a childhood favorite, fiction, non-fiction, 
or a book you read for an English class at WRA. 
Your favorites will be saved and displayed 
at your future class reunions!
Here is the link to the Google Form:

Please respond by Monday, April 20th! 
Thank you! Mrs. Campanelli


Celebrating Poetry Readings

Listen to Jill Evans reciting "It & Co." 
by Tracy K. Smith

Tracy K. Smith is an American poet and educator.
She has published three collections of poetry.
She won the Pulitzer Prize for a 2011 collection, 
Life on Mars.

Celebrating Poetry Readings

As the first week of April draws to a close, 
Ji Anne '17 treats us to a poem written by Maya Angelou.

Celebrating Poetry Readings

Listen to Sasha '18 as he shares 
"Death by Allegory" by Billy Collins.



Read Poetry Every Day!
You are invited to sign up for 
(Click on Poem-a-Day)

Launched during National Poetry Month in 2006,
features new and previously unpublished poems
by contemporary poets on weekdays and
classic poems on weekends.

Window Pane Poetry - Week 2 Challenge

Stop by the Library and help 
decorate the window panes 
with a favorite poem.
Create an original poem 
or share one you enjoy.  

Please ask at the front desk for details.


Spine Poetry - Week 1 Challenge

Spine Poetry
 created by WRA students & faculty
 Each book title creates a line of the poem.

(We invite you to create your own;
feel free to pull books from any collection in the library
 and we will display your spine poem!)

Check out the spine poems 
in the main display case in the library.