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A Different Kind of Nutcracker

The well-loved ballet The Nutcracker originated with a short story by E. T. A. Hoffman, "Nutcracker and the King of Mice," a much darker fairy tale than the familiar ballet.  A lighter, more child-friendly version was adapted by Alexandre Dumas and was the inspiration for the original Tchaikovsky ballet in 1892.  In 1983, children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak designed the sets and costumes for the Pacific Northcoast Ballet's version of the ballet, which was performed for over thirty years. 

Click the picture below for a glimpse at Sendak's vision of the ballet: 


To read the original E. T. A. Hoffman story, as well as some of his other works, check out The Best Tales of Hoffman at the Ong Library.

Call Number: 833 Hoffman Hof


Study Break!

on Frozen’s song ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’

 (originally by Lopez and Lopez) 

by two students from 
Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. 

Music and acting by Jené Nicole Johnson,
 with camerawork by Olivia Mowry....

Music to study by



1.      Keep your Energy Levels High. Although it is important to leave a reasonable amount of time to study, I believe it is more important to have the energy necessary for optimizing your studies. You will do better on the tests if you sleep 7-9 hours a day. In order to achieve this, it is important to use your available study time more efficiently.
2.      50-10 Rule. I learned this tactic two years ago and it has worked very well for me. The basis of it is to study 50 minutes of every hour, and keep the last 10 minutes to clear your mind. The idea is that you should focus 100% during those 50 minutes and use the remaining to relax yourself. Create an alarm notification on your phone so it rings whenever those 50 minutes are over. Stick to that alarm; it will be beneficial.
3.      Organize a Calendar. In this calendar you should add not only the time period of each exam, but also try to separate the hours that you wish to dedicate to each subject. Leave time, as I said, to free your mind. The purpose is that while you are in front of the books or the computer, you spend 100% of your attention on it (zero distractions). Google Calendars can be your best friend during this week.
4.      Create Study Guides One Week Before the Final. Many times, creating study guides are the most time-consuming part of studying. One thing I would recommend is to create these outlines or guides one week prior to the tests so you can just read the organized material and be able to answer the questions quickly and effectively.

5.      Study in Groups Only if it Benefits You. Certainly there are many cases where studying in groups can be beneficial, since many minds working together can help explain concepts better that you perhaps did not understand. However, a study group only works well if you are concentrated and serious. If not, conversations, jokes, and distractions can take control of the study sessions.
6.      Take Your Time. It is important to spend an adequate amount of time and energy to study. Recall that final exams usually last from an hour and a half to three hours and it can be difficult (if we are not prepared) to handle the concentration level for such a long period of time. Be prepared; practice.
7.      Finish Your Practice Problems. Whenever you find yourself practicing your math problems or something of this sort, don’t give up on them. Finish the problem completely so you can understand them better for the exam and leave no place for doubt. If you have questions on those practice problems, check your notes or talk to a classmate who can help. Be sure to work the problem because, more often than not, the ones you don’t understand are the ones that end up in the test.
8.      Relax. Keep your stress levels low. It’s good that you worry about your finals, but don’t let stress and anxiety take over you. Complete all your work and try and finish it all up early. The better you distribute your tasks during the weeks before final exams, the better you will understand the material.

9.      Do a practice quiz.  Ask your parents or your brothers and sisters to quiz you about the material you are studying. Create a “home-made” quiz with all relevant information you need to know and review it two hours after you create it (or just after studying). This can help to keep your goals aligned.
10.   Exercise and eat healthy. Exercise and good nutrition cannot only help control your stress levels, but it can also maintain your emotions stable. Exercise helps keep your blood pressure low and it can help raise your energy levels so you can continue to study more effectively. Remember, the focus and the concentration (not necessarily the time) you spend while studying for a final exam is more important than anything.

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     Gerald is Co-Founder and Chief Publisher of The Social U. He is currently a Business Development Associate at the Corporate Executive Board, after graduating from The University of Dayton studying Entrepreneurship and Political Science. Gerald spent the 2013 summer interning for Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C., and his 2012 summer interning for Active Development, an entrepreneurial consulting firm in Barcelona, Spain.


REACH and Ong Library’s
11th Annual Toys for Tots
December 2015

Grand total of toys donated 

over past 11 years = 4,828

Toy donation total for December 2015 = 348

      285 of these toys were brought at Target from funds raised by Candy Cane sales
·   63 toys were donated by the WRA community (the library collection boxes)

Candy Cane Sales:
·      We collected $2,284 which represents 4,568 candy canes (2 for $1)

·       Class Rankings:
o   4th place with 339 candy canes = Seniors
o   3rd place with 364 candy canes = Freshmen
o   2nd place with 702 candy canes = Sophomores
o   1st place with 1,499 candy canes = Juniors
§  Juniors won a dress down day in January

Anthony Cecchini ’17 is the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card (chosen from those who purchased a minimum of 10 candy canes)


Congratulations to the WINNERS
of the CANDY CANE SOCKS Contest
Kayla S.
Sammy B.
Brigie K.
Olivia C.
Niraj N.
All correctly identified Zanna 
as wearing the socks.
A prize awaits you at the library.


NOW through MONDAY only
Email me.
GUESS WHO on campus 
was sporting these socks!


Toys for Tots!

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